A unique and beautiful island

The traveler to Kythira will find an unexpected paradise, well guarded at the point where the Aegean meets the Ionian Sea. The wild beauty that welcomes him/her when he/she approaches from the east, opens the path of mystery which leads to a unique world of myths, legends, history and tradition. The marriage of East and West has always been the advantage of the island, either geopolitically, making it a commercial station; or culturally, with the development of a rare mixed culture; or naturally and environmentally, combining the glittering sun of the Aegean Sea with the euphoria of the Ionian Islands.

Agia Pelagia - A few words about the village

The old harbor of Kythira. It is located in the northern part of the island, between Platia Ammos and Diakofti.
The beach of Agia Pelagia is great for swimming, beach volleyball, water sports and relaxation in the afternoon.
You can taste the local delicacies at the numerous shops along the coastal road.
The Hot spots of Agia Pelagia are: the cave of Agia Sofia, the spring with the crystal clear water on the road, the amazing sunrises in the morning hours and the view of Elafonisos and Cape Maleas.
Nearby beaches ...
Within walking distance of the main beach and to the left, as you look at Agia Pelagia from the sea, there are 3 excellent beaches to visit.
The first is named "Fyri Ammos", the next "Lorentzo" and the third one is the beach of "Lagada" located near the end of the famous gorge of Barbarossa (Paleochora).