To make your vacation even more memorable, you should visit our state-of-the-art gym or travel in the realm of the senses by relaxing at our Jacuzzi or sauna.

By devoting all our care and taste we have created elegant spaces for your personal relaxation and well-being.

All our facilities feature modern equipment and safe exercise equipment that meet international safety standards.

You can use the indoor facilities of the gym with our outdoor pool.




A sauna is beneficial to the body in many ways. Blood vessels are widened while increased blood circulation keeps the tissues in good condition and reduces the population of microorganisms making the body more resistant to potential damages caused by them.

It also benefits the nervous system as well as circulation, while sweating as well as many other procedures and functions within the body, accelerate metabolism and cleanse the organs and the skin.

The benefits of using a sauna are still being investigated and many aspects of its use have not yet been revealed.